testosterone decreases

Male health and how to keep it-useful recommendations

A considerable number of members of the strong sex have different health problems. They often do not rush to seek medical care, until the last suffering from symptoms of illness. Men’s health is worsened by various factors. Often bad ecology, mistakes in the organization of food, immovable lifestyle make a negative contribution.

Specialists have found that men’s health is largely determined by the amount of testosterone in the blood. Most often various ailments, including sexual impotence, men begin to suffer after 50 years. The strong sex ignores the trip to the doctor, considering this idea a waste of time. Meanwhile, the condition of cardiac, vascular, hormonal and urogenital system has a great influence on longevity and general wellbeing. If you need to quickly restore the masculine force, it will be a great tool Viagra.

A man turns to a doctor, as a rule, when the problem has got a chronic form and brings the strongest discomfort. If you want to lead a full life for as long as possible, do not forget to consult a doctor from time to moment to diagnose your health condition. Currently, there are a large number of medications to help restore the body. Pay attention to the drug viagra. Men of any age must undergo the following examination options:

  • blood pressure check. This indicator gives full information about the state of the heart. After 30 years, it is necessary to check the heart health regularly. Normal pressure indicator is 120/80 or 115/75.
  • Cholesterol level. A large index of cholesterol negatively affects the condition of the vessels.
  • Analysis on C-reactive protein. The examination helps to find out information about the presence of inflammatory process in the body.
  • PSA analysis. Helps to determine the presence of malignant diseases in the body.

Diagnosis of testosterone levels in the blood. With age, the amount of testosterone decreases. This hormone is leading in the male body. At its lack the general condition worsens. The level of testosterone in the blood of a man should be at least 11 nmol/L. Excellent means of solving problems of intimate character-Viagra.

Carefully monitor your health status. If you have any warning signs, please ask for qualified medical assistance. More detailed information on this issue can be obtained on the website policlinica.ru.